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The kobuki driver is a simple c++ library that allows interfacing to the kobuki mobile research base. Before

Target Users

If you're using a kobuki reference platform, switch to one of the links below:

Otherwise this documentation is for you. If your'e developing a c++ application on top of the kobuki_driver library, then continue to the next section. If you're writing your own driver (e.g. java driver) that parses the serial protocol directly, refer to the serial protocol reference in the appendix.


Firstly, note that the library isn't designed to run your control loop. Robots are quite varied - everything from something really simple running on very minimal embedded resources to a fully fledged system. There is also a wide variety of architectures that a driver must neatly integrate with, so we have left the decision on how to design and integrate the driver up to the user. To that end, the driver is simply a library of classes, simple functions and callback oriented sigslots that can be utilised to write your own application.


Author(s): Daniel Stonier , Younghun Ju , Jorge Santos Simon
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